Monday, 20 October 2014

Dandy old men vs. Quaint boys

3D Publisher finally updated all the Forbidden Romance series for iOS8 and I am finally not too lazy to post something today. My 「Forbidden Romance: The Men of Yoshiwara」 walkthrough was also sort of done. But I was unable to unlock one of the CGs from Iroha 2nd Season, was there any trick to it?

I planned to post walkthrough for 「Forbidden Romance: Pub Encounter」 after this. This time we're pursuing middle-aged men (this is not a weird fetish, totally not a fetish, yup). I currently finished Hideaki route, but I think I'll wait for Soichiro route to be released first before buying other characters. Because if it is an otome game with Yoshiwara setting, I'll go for the brothel's manager; thus I should totally go for the Master if it is in a bar setting.

I still find him attractive

「Forbidden Romance: Office Lovers」 was released before 「Forbidden Romance: Pub Encounter」, but I just don't find the story or any character interesting after reading the Prologue and some Free Chapters. I probably won't be playing the rest of the games.

Putting the Forbidden Romance series aside, did you guys notice this post title? Obviously the "dandy old men" refers to the 「Forbidden Romance: Pub Encounter」 characters. The "quaint boys" refers to the characters in 「Alice in the Heart 〜Wonderful Wonder World〜」. I was genuinely excited when the game was released in English, but something is very wrong with the translation. At first I thought that, "Hey, maybe this is a new translation company so they probably don't have enough money to hire a proofreader". But there're too many weird texts and they start asking me, "Do you load?". Wut?. My English is not excellent, but I think it will take turn to worse if I play the game any longer. So I currently considering whether to buy the full game of not, because I still appreciate any games with voice acting.

It's impossible to miss this

Anyway, it's still great to see more otome games being released in English.

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