Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Gyakuten Yoshiwara, renamed.

New updates for Gyakuten Yoshiwara! Apparently they've given an English title for this game 「Forbidden Romance: The Men of Yoshiwara」, and Iroha is the current app icon! *droll* And what's with Iroha 2nd Story anyway? I need to complete Kagerou's Route first before buying that story.

I've put on my walkthrough for this game in this blog but I haven't review anything regarding this game. Not sure if I'll have the time for that. So I'll just state some reasons why we should support this games.

1st, drama CD. Yes, there're drama CD based on this game. I wish there're in-game voices too but I guess imagining the seiyuu's voices while playing the story was good enough. Kuroda-nii as Iroha was bad for my ovaries. Kuh, just if the eroi scene was voiced.......

Right, that'll be the 2nd reason why we should love this game. E.R.O.I. No R-18 graphics, just suggestive texts. It's Yoshiwara after all. FYI, Yoshiwara was actually a place where Oiran provide services. They're some sort of female escort, or high-class prostitute. That's why the game was entitled Reverse Yoshiwara.

Next best thing is probably the animated characters. You know, like blinking eyes, swaying hairs. It gave a nice feeling while playing.

Aaaand finally is because of the setting! It's just my personal preferences though. I like stories with impossible situation. Those with rare to unlikely situations to happen in RL. In this case, vanilla story with prostitute bishies. Heh.

Here's the drama CD preview to end this post with a nosebleed~

Otoko Yuukaku no Himetaru Yuugi

That's all. Happy playing.

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