Sunday, 26 February 2012

Saito Hajime

I just played Saito's route in Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom game. I guess I got the happy end. I wonder if the bad endings are the game over ones? He acts too cute in the ending!!!!! O(>w<)O *dies*

There's no particular seiyuu that interest me in this game except for ToriKou. And there're too many characters, so I haven't remember all of their names yet~ Just me and my bad memorization ability (¬‿¬). But game's pretty good so far.

So here're my favorite CGs~

Monday, 20 February 2012

Hoshizuki Kotarou. CLEAR

Yeah, I'm quite excited about it before, huh~ Oh, the true ending really swept me off my feet, though I don't really like the idea of them living together but Kotarou still said that he want Tsukiko to see the world and explore her choices first before committing to each other. Well, generally it sounds relevant. But I just personally prefers characters that's a bit more...forceful(?). Narcissist, S, yandere, wagamama,.. I don't particularly hate those characteristics. Yet the game's art and seiyuu are too good, I just got to love it.

Basically, my once moe-ru feelings towards Hoshizuki-sensei is no more. But I still like Ishii-san because of what he said in his freetalk.「Saite desune? Saiyaku desu!」tte, is how he describe Hoshizuki Kotarou. Well, I ROFL quite a while and agreed with him. Basically grown ups that go for high school girls are the worst, especially if he's a teacher (well, school nurse is still a teacher, they have health class or something right?).

Ah, regardless, here's my favourite Hoshizuki Kotarou's cgs.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

I need the autumn version!

I played Starry☆Sky ~in Spring~ out of curiosity of Sugita Tomokazu's voice role in it. Well, I guess Persona 3 Portable and Sanada Akihiko triggered my otome's switch. So I decided to watch the Starry☆Sky anime where I had watched halfway before, just to survey the characters in each season. As a result...I ended up with nosebleeds due to these characters.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Kiss scene

Starry☆Sky ~in Spring~ had weird kiss scene CG but Yo-Jin-Bo was A-OK. The game was pretty boring at the beginning because it had too many bad puns and jokes, and Hatsuhime's voice and attitude just made her character really unlikeable. I can understand why Harumoto won't allow her to leads the clan. Un, maybe it's just me that feel that way~ But at the end, this game still won my heart!

Well, I chose to play Tsubaki Tainojou's or Bo's route first because he's a bishie, and has the best voice. Turned out that he's a paranormal otaku and having a complex with it. (─‿‿─) and that just made him perfect. I love all his CGs and this is the kissing CG~

Starry☆Sky ~in Spring~ english patch!

Yatta, I finally found the patch. I was pretty late in getting it, where MU had been shut down. It's pretty difficult for me to figure out all the kanji and astronomy stuff.

Overall the game is pretty easy. I was able to get Kanata's true ending in the first play. いいや~, of course I have to go for Kanata's first, because it's voiced by Sugita Tomokazu. It's like dating Gin-chan, myahaha~ Well, I'm not really interested in Suzuya and Yoh at first anyway. Suzuya seems too fake, and Yoh is just too...suffocating. But now I am a bit interested in Suzuya, so I'll play Yoh's route last.

Ah, the seiyuus are great but the "kissing scene" is the "kiss the screen" type of CGs. But the art is still good. So, here's some Kanata's CGs.