Monday, 20 February 2012

Hoshizuki Kotarou. CLEAR

Yeah, I'm quite excited about it before, huh~ Oh, the true ending really swept me off my feet, though I don't really like the idea of them living together but Kotarou still said that he want Tsukiko to see the world and explore her choices first before committing to each other. Well, generally it sounds relevant. But I just personally prefers characters that's a bit more...forceful(?). Narcissist, S, yandere, wagamama,.. I don't particularly hate those characteristics. Yet the game's art and seiyuu are too good, I just got to love it.

Basically, my once moe-ru feelings towards Hoshizuki-sensei is no more. But I still like Ishii-san because of what he said in his freetalk.「Saite desune? Saiyaku desu!」tte, is how he describe Hoshizuki Kotarou. Well, I ROFL quite a while and agreed with him. Basically grown ups that go for high school girls are the worst, especially if he's a teacher (well, school nurse is still a teacher, they have health class or something right?).

Ah, regardless, here's my favourite Hoshizuki Kotarou's cgs.



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