Monday, 6 February 2012

Kiss scene

Starry☆Sky ~in Spring~ had weird kiss scene CG but Yo-Jin-Bo was A-OK. The game was pretty boring at the beginning because it had too many bad puns and jokes, and Hatsuhime's voice and attitude just made her character really unlikeable. I can understand why Harumoto won't allow her to leads the clan. Un, maybe it's just me that feel that way~ But at the end, this game still won my heart!

Well, I chose to play Tsubaki Tainojou's or Bo's route first because he's a bishie, and has the best voice. Turned out that he's a paranormal otaku and having a complex with it. (─‿‿─) and that just made him perfect. I love all his CGs and this is the kissing CG~

Bou x Sayori *¬*

Later Ittousai gained my attention while I'm playing Bo's route and he became my second favourite. And the rest of my favorite ranking are You, Muneshige, Mon-mon and Jin. This game is rich with CGs! I would want to post all my favourite CGs but it'll be too many~ So I'll just put Ittousai's here.

Ittousai x Sayori

(◠‿◠) Nice game~

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