Sunday, 26 February 2012

Saito Hajime

I just played Saito's route in Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom game. I guess I got the happy end. I wonder if the bad endings are the game over ones? He acts too cute in the ending!!!!! O(>w<)O *dies*

There's no particular seiyuu that interest me in this game except for ToriKou. And there're too many characters, so I haven't remember all of their names yet~ Just me and my bad memorization ability (¬‿¬). But game's pretty good so far.

So here're my favorite CGs~

Saito Hajime



  1. I also did Saito's route first, but my reasons are different from yours. I was wondering myself why exactly I chose him first,as ever since I first heard about Hakuoki I was drooling after Okita actually, his looks are totally my type *v* Then I realized that Saito got caught in my cherry boy radar lol Cold no-nonsense aloof ice prince=Definitely a virgin just waiting to be violated XD

    I think I might be a dangerous person, lol.

    1. Geh, y-you ARE a dangerous person, nyahaha~ Must be a ドS, (─‿‿─)..

      I started to play this game a few days after its release so I don't even know who the main characters were. So I just randomly choose guys based on their voices~