Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Game Review: One Leaf Clover

Playing Japanese VN strained my brain, so I played 「One Leaf Clover」 by Sakura Hughes. Free otome game with full voice acting.

The game

It's a very short VN for NaNoRenO. Eventhough it have 2 other hot guys, we can only play Taru route. Our love interest will be Kumo Souka's boyfriend, Taru Mitsuka. This game have Good and Bad Ending but it is very-very-very short. We only need to make a maximum of 4 choices to reach the ending.

Overall, it's a good game to read during free time. The art and BGM are good, the story is OK and of course, no found bugs in the VN. The best point of this game that made it worth to play is because it is fully voiced!

Story: 2/5
Art: 4/5
Sound/BGM: 3.5/5
  Voice Acting: 2.5/5
System: 2/5
Overall: 3.8/5

Above is how I rate the game. Now, the guys...

Taru Mitsuka

Taru Mitsuka (CV: Sheldon Roberts): 2/5

He's the boy that Souka currently dates. She said he is the most popular guy she knew, but this guy have a stroke of bad luck happening around him. How he managed to become a popular guy is beyond me. (Oh wait, popular for being unlucky is still popular, isn't it?). He looks cute in appearance, and is a very nice and tolerant person. The VA for this character is OK but for me, the voice just doesn't suit the character. It kind of bothers me all the time when I'm playing this game because Taru is cute but his voice is not. Also in the flashback scene by the end of this game, Taru was kinda cool, but he ended up as a shouta-type? Due to many contradiction, he's my least favorite guy.

Itsuki Ringo

Itsuki Ringo (CV: Ethan Nakashima): 4/5

'Ringo', what an adorable name. Despite of the fact that this guy do not have his own route, I'll definitely choose this guy if he have one. Look at the first image in this post,... isn't that expression nice? Plus I'm really fond of this character's voice. This guy is definitely in love with Souka! No matter how I see it, he was stalking Souka on dates and dragged along Rimu that is in love with Taru. The possibility of him to be a yandere character is very high.

Uncle Sato

Uncle Sato (CV: Darrell Powell Jr): 3.5/5

This character just appear at the very end of the game and have a very little appearance. Yet, he can become a much better love interest than Taru.

That's all. Whatever my rants are, I still recommend this game to anyone that needs a new VN to read.

Additional Note:
I found out that this VN's writer wrote this story as a comics first, so I search around for the said comics. Apparently the comics gives out a completely different vibe than the VN. Souka seems very likable, and Taru is very adorable. Itsuki looks like like a typical protagonist's-best-friend type of character (and is not appealing at all), and Uncle Sato is just a bald old man.

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