Monday, 16 June 2014

Walkthrough: 2/2 Lover - Angels and Demons

This walkthrough provide the favorable options to gain pink hearts for Hinata or Setsuna.

Demon x Angel


Choices that favors Hinata

[1] All of it!
[2] I can't do that!
[3] Stand there in despair.
[4] Talked to the old lady.
[5] Apologized right away.
[6] Forced him away
[7] Hugged him.
[8] Marguerite motif.
[9] Resisted.
[10] "Oh no! The ticket!"
[11] Quickly apologized.
[12] Just a little longer...
[13] I'm so happy...
[14] (I want to stay...)
[15] I'm going to sleep.
[16] Couldn't say anything.
[17] I want to grant your prayer.


Choices that favors Setsuna

[1] Got angry.
[2] Tried to dig deeper.
[3] Complained.
[4] Asked what he wants.
[5] Shoved him away.
[6] Made a joke.
[7] Did I say something weird?
[8] That didn't count!
[9] Held back my tears.
[10] Apologized for being late.
[11] Felt drained.
[12] "Forget it!"
[13] I just wanted to show Hinata.
[14] He's being mean again...
[15] I'm getting mad...!
[16] Shouted "I love you".
[17] Don't come closer!

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Additional note: Unfortunately this game had been discontinued.

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