Saturday, 1 September 2012

Drama CD Review: Toubousha ~Yuuki-hen~

Kita!! More otome drama CD with dummy head mic~ (─‿‿─). I just had to mention this one..

Daiba Yuuki (CV: Morita Masakazu)

I was expecting something darker actually since the protagonist are supposed to be held hostage. Well, basically this CD is about the protagonist's experience when a man held her hostage and insisted to hide at her place for the night. Then the story diverged into happy end and bad end. In order not to be too sad afterwards, I recommend to listen to the bad end first.

A man suddenly approached the protagonist as if he was late for a date with her. Turned out that he was acting and threatened her to follow him. Then he figured out that she lives alone nearby and insisted to go to her place. Well, there'll be dummy head mic's close up when he threatened her, hid with her, and pinned her to the ground while he fell asleep O(>w<)O.

The atmosphere seems to change when he woke up. Yuuki no longer threaten her and the protagonist seems not too scared of him too. Frankly, it's kinda resembles other drama CD voiced by the same seiyuu,「Akogare no Situation Vol.1, Shikararetai」. (◠‿◠) I can imagine how cute the protagonists are acting in both of the CDs based on Morita Masakazu's tsukkomi. I kinda like the protagonist in this CD. The cellphone, bath, washing machine, and empty fridge scene, were all very funny and amusing. After she blamed him for the empty fridge (¬‿¬), they went to the convenience store together. More interesting conversation...and people that pursued Yuuki caught up with them.

The story's ending diverged after they escaped into an abandoned building.

In happy end, Yuuki went to distract the pursuer after they had been surrounded and she escaped alone. Later, he came back safely and explain the situation to her. About himself and what really happened. Then he asked to meet her normally next time, as a man and woman. in the epilogue track, both of them spent time together at his private beach~

In bad end, the place was set on fire after they were surrounded. The place was collapsing and they ran outside. That is when she got shot and the sad moments starts. (╥﹏╥) He apologized and apologized and hope to meet her again, normally. Then the last gunshot resound...

Sad ending is just too sad~ Well, here's some random numbers for the drama CD.

Story: 5/5
Sound/BGM: 4/5
Character: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

This drama CD is quite exceptional, I really recommend listening to it. It's title is ~Yuuki-hen~ so I guess there'll be other CD in this series. (─‿‿─) I'll definately look forward for it.

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