Monday, 11 June 2012

Game Review: Love Blossom Extended

So I guess I need to continue playing VNs in my collection. I choose to start with Love Blossom Extended, a free otome game by Ababo Project. I noticed that many people included this game when they made recommendations for english otome game, so I decided to play this VN.

The game

Since the default name for the protagonist is Miyu Yamada, so "Miyu" it is. The story starts with Miyu talking with her childhood friends that obviously had a crushed on her, Takahashi Yuji, and his flirty friend, Arisaka Shinichi. It wasn't a very good first impression because I'm not a fan of datable guys that was already in love with the protagonist. But the almost-BL scene amuses me and I keep playing the game because deep down (?) I am a fujoshi. It's high-school themed VN where the path will lead Miyu to choose which guy(s) that she like.

The story is short, the list of the possible endings can be found in my walkthrough. There are some cliché scene, but there are funny and amusing scene too. Plus, it's a good idea to add extra datable character after player had achieved the good ending of both initial datable guys. We can replay the ending and view the CG and music collections, and they have after stories.

Un, for a free english otome-ge, the art aren't too bad. Of course, there's no voice actor, and the music used is ok. They put some effort on the interface, quite ok I guess~ I didn't encounter any bug while playing this game too. Overall, it's fair.

Story: 2.5/5
Art: 3/5
Sound/BGM: 3.5/5
System: 3.5/5
Overall: 3/5

That's what I think about the game. Now, the datable guys~

Takahashi Yuji

Takahashi Yuji: 2/5

Miyu's childhood friend that had a crush on her. He's the typical childhood friend character; nice, protective, but unable to convey his feelings. His route is my least favourite since there's nothing special with his character and story. He only amuses me when he get embarrassed from Shinichi's teasing.

Arisaka Shinichi

Arisaka Shinichi: 2.5/5

He is Yuji’s friends since junior high and ended up as Miyu's and Yuji's best friend. He is a flirty-type, to both Miyu AND Yuji (¬‿¬)~ He goes out with a lot of girls but he actually likes Miyu. Yet, he never seriously approach Miyu romantically before because he knew that Yuji likes her.

Tanaka Daisuke

Tanaka Daisuke: 3.5/5

He never made appearance if you haven't get the GOOD END of both Yuji and Shinichi. He is Tanaka Daisuke, the school's intern P.E. teacher. He is a mature, a bit of a narcissist, and a fun character. He's a dedicated teacher that aim to be close with the students, but he didn't bother to do his paperworks. That's when Miyu become his help with the work of course. His final kiss scene just made him my favourite character!

And finally some CGs from the game's gallery.

BL(?) scene?




I recommend this game to......un. Anyone who want to play free otome-ge in english! Well, this game is still quite fun..

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