Sunday, 22 April 2012

Oh, no!

My laptop and external hard drive are almost full, but I keep downloading stuffs~ 6==" And I keep getting my hands on every otome and yaoi VNs that I came across. But I even haven't play half of my collection... And worse, most of it is in japanese which I'll took longer to play.


I even stuff lotsa game in my PSP~


  1. Are you me? Exactly the same thing is happening to me!!! Even at this moment I am having trouble downloading stuff because I don't have enough space :(I have like, 27 otome games sitting on my HD that I need to play but don't have time T___T

    1. Lol~ you too? I guess we'll be needing a new hd soon.. I even uninstall games that I already and not-yet played because I still have a lot of anime and games that I want to download~ 6=="